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20 YEARS OF ALI: From success to significance!

The Africa Leadership Initiative celebrates its 20th year of steering leaders in pursuit of the Good Society.  By September 2023, we will have graduated our 13th class – it amounts to a total of some 260 Fellows since ALI’s memorable first class meeting in April 2003.

Today some of the Social Leadership Projects of our Fellows are helping: 

  • to feed 9 million children a day
  • disadvantaged students in rural communities with internships and bursaries
  • 3.5 million job-seekers in providing support and networking infrastructure
  • to spread awareness of climate change and conservation campaigns
  • those in pursuit of ethical leadership with knowledge and wisdom from personal experience by publishing well received titles and articles.

And this is naming but a fraction of the true social impact ALI has had since 2003. See some FAST FACTS on ALI’s IMPACT

The values that ALI South Africa supports require our new generations of South African leaders to step up from their own success to become a significant change-maker. Ethical leaders have a central role to play in building the Good Society. The experience gained and lessons learnt through ALI can be life-altering. ALI FELLOWS SHARE THEIR INSIGHT. 

Fellow and Moderator, Bruce Robertson, was present in April 2003 at founder Isaac Shongwe’s first meeting with his carefully selected prospective ALI candidates. “We were sceptical,” remembers Bruce, “but we marveled at Isaac’s infectious enthusiasm. We looked around at each other, and realised we were a diverse bunch, with only one thing in common: we were all FoI’s – Friends of Isaac. We thought this could be the name of our class, but we were too disorganised to formalise it, so we got assigned the name, the Inaugural Class.” 

Bruce shares the valuable lessons ALI has taught him and why this initiative is imperative in shaping ethical leadership in our country.

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Thanks to our valued partners and to all the Fellows who continue to contribute in many ways.

  • Aspen Global Leadership Network
  • Yellowwoods
  • Barloworld
  • Tshikululu