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Chenai Chipfupa

Admin and Research Officer

Chenai Chipfupa
Chenai Chipfupa

Chenai Chipfupa is the Admin and Research Officer for the African Leadership Initiative South Africa. Prior to joining ALI SA, she worked for ALI Media Fellowship Programme for over a year. She was responsible for obtaining permission rights for all the seminar readings, literature reviews and social network updates for the three African country based programme. Chenai, working under the Executive Director of ALI Media Fellowship Programme, Fiona Musana, was part of the seminars 1 and 2, of Class II of the Media fellowship in South Africa and Kenya. She also worked with YALI –  Young African Leaders Initiative; Obtaining permissions for all the seminar readings and admin back up for the youthful programme. Chenai is passionate about philanthropic foundations and society giving back causes. She takes part in her church’s outreach programmes in the township of Alexander and started a blog in July 2015, NORAHHOPE, which tackles society’s dark issues of depression, suicide and alcoholism. She discusses the causes, effects and the eventual much needed healings from such dilemmas. In her writings she encourages the hopeless and sensitize her readers about the effects of trauma left untreated. Chenai attained her A level certificate majoring in Arts at Foundation College Bulawayo and is currently concluding her BA Creative Writing degree with UNISA.

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