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ALI Fellow Lesego Sennelo has joined the board of the International Women’s Forum of South Africa

ALI Fellow Lesego Sennelo (Class X: Seed) is a qualified chartered accountant with a passion for human resource development and economic empowerment. Many of the roles that she has taken up in her career have focused on the empowerment and advancement of African women, particularly in the finance sector. Lesego served as the president of the African Women Chartered Accountants (AWCA) Forum from 2005 to 2018. In September 2019, she was appointed to serve on the board of the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWF-SA) as the treasurer.  

The IWF-SA is a collective of distinguished women from diverse backgrounds, who have achieved significant success in various sectors. It is part of a global organisation that brings together women from across the globe and creates a space for them to share knowledge and ideas, enrich lives, provide a network of support and exert influence. Furthermore, through its Leadership Foundation, the IWF helps prepare future generations of women leaders. 

The IWF-SA fervently believes that “women should participate meaningfully in all discussions, decisions, forums, and action plans that affect business, government and society at large.” It is for this reason that the organisation has renewed its vision and strategic priorities. Speaking on the IWF-SA’s mission to place women at the helm of leadership in South Africa, the recently appointed president of the organisation, Irene Charnley, said: “We have a crucial role as women leaders to promote ethical leadership in our country and of being a leading voice for women leadership in business, government and society at large.”

ALI would like to congratulate Lesego on her appointment. She is well-equipped to steer the organisation in the right direction, enabling it to reach its goal of empowering women in the private and public sector, and ensuring that “every woman and girl child of South Africa achieves their birthright to live in safety and free from any threat of violence.”

We wish you all the best, Lesego. Here’s to continued excellence and leading with integrity.

Thanks to our valued partners and to all the Fellows who continue to contribute in many ways.

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