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Youth Corner

Introducing the 4th Class of the ALI – Young Leaders Programme

Previously known as the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI), the ALI – Young Leaders Programme is premised on the Africa Leadership Initiative’s (ALI) purpose to develop the next generation of values-based, young African leaders who are prepared to be significant co-creators of a good society. The age profile of ALI – Young Leaders Fellows ranges from 25 – 35 years, and ...

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Eskom, electrified engagements and values-based leadership, by Katlego Tlale

A single topic that you will likely hear spoken about in newsrooms, boardrooms, bedrooms and within political circles is the future of Eskom. Among the largest power utilities globally, Eskom’s risk to the broader South African economy cannot be overstated. The challenges facing the power utility, and possible solutions, was the topic of discussion at the Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) Publ...

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10 years of values-based leadership  by Rorisang Tshabalala

10 years ago I established Chapter One Innovation, a business model research and development firm with the vision of being the platform off which market-winners, industry-leaders and world-changers are launched. Our vision is pursued by building and launching high-impact, listable organisational systems at scale and helping others to do the same. On the occasion of our 10th-year anniversary celeb...

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Heritage Month: A Sense of Belonging

Opinion piece by Kayan Leung (YALI Nomvula Fellow) As September 24thcomes around, we celebrate a day and month, which remembers the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa,aimed at promoting unification and social cohesion. We’ve all heard it before, the ‘rainbow nation’ we are so proud to be a part of with its diverse, cultural melting pot and gen...

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The possibilities of investing in highly talented unemployed young people

Opinion piece by Andrew Levy (YALI Mbewu Fellow) Youth unemployment has become the latest South African buzzwords. Everyone is speaking about it. Everyone is also trying to create their own incubator, solution or PR campaign and lining up their unspent skills development money and CSI funding to train unemployed youth. On paper this sounds like a fantastic idea and, while there is a lot of value...

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YOUTH Corner: Leading in a space of crisis

At the start of 2018, my reflection for the year was to: “Only speak when I have conviction.” It has guided my posture for the most part of this half year. It stemmed from a realisation that there comes a time when the right thing to do, or the thing that only you can do, is evident. While your actions might appear somewhat illogical to others, who might question your decisions or judgement, ...

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YOUTH Corner: Leadership reflections from how we relate to the companies that let us down

There’s nothing quite like a crisis to reveal a group’s underbelly. Over the last 12 months, the veneer of Corporate South Africa has been stripped away by the brave actions of a few public-interest actors to reveal deeply unsavoury elements. KPMG, McKinsey, SAP, Steinhoff, Hogan Lovells, Bell Pottinger, Grant Thornton; any of these once-lofty brands can now reasonably be used as shorthand fo...

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