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The establishment of an Advisory Council and an Integrity Committee

Isaac Shongwe and Zohra Ebrahim

ALI’s Board has for some time felt the need to appoint an Advisory Council –   a council of elders in a way, consisting of Fellows who have been actively engaged in the Fellowship for more than 10 years, or who have previously been on the Board. The intention is that this Council would play a support role to the Board’s activities, reflecting the diversity of the Fellowship and being well placed to amplify the reach of ALI recruitment, and enhance our efforts in the all-important sphere of fund-raising. We are delighted to announce that the following Fellows have in principle agreed to play that role for ALI:

  • Isaac Shongwe
  • Bongiwe Njobe
  • Ayanda Ntsaluba
  • Dele Olojede
  • Futhi Mtoba
  • Herman Steyn
  • Heather Sonn
  • Ralph Freese


Another need has also become apparent: as Fellows, we commit ourselves to uphold the highest ethical standards in both our personal lives and our work activities. The basis of these standards, as defined in the Covenant, is integrity, honour, respect, service, and compassion.

Uncomfortably, and inevitably in an organisation as richly varied as we are, there are times when misalignment appears to develop between a Fellow’s perceived activities and the values of ALI.

Over time, it has become clear that there is a role for an Integrity Committee. This Committee would convene as a matter of last resortwhen there is a significant and ongoing transgression of ALI’s values by a Fellow, who has not responded to approaches by his or her own class. In what is intended to be a supportive and empathetic environment, the Fellow would be invited to share their perspective, and the apparent dissonance with ALI’s values will be discussed.

We are grateful to the following Fellows for agreeing to be called on individually when the need arises for such action:

  • Zohra Ebrahim;
  • Ralph Freese;
  • Ayanda Ntsaluba;
  • Adi Enthoven;
  • Tsakani Ratsela; and
  • Bruce Robertson

It’s important to note that a misalignment is never called in matters of divergent political or social views, but only around ALI’s core values.

ALI is grateful for the willingness of all of these Fellows to put in the time, and the physical emotional energy, required to take ALI to a stronger, more resilient place.

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  • Yellowwoods
  • Barloworld