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Karl Flowers

Karl Flowers Trust

Hardworking, purpose-filled, and self-driven – these are some of the words that paint a picture of who Karl Flowers was. Born in Cape Town and raised in different parts of the city, from the Cape Flats to Lansdowne, Karl was raised by his maternal grandmother and aunt. While a student at Livingstone High School, his maths teacher recognised in Karl an incredible talent; he mentored him and changed the trajectory of Karl’s life. 

Karl’s excellence saw him matriculate from Hilton College, One of South Africa’s most prestigious all-boys schools. Later on, he graduated from the University of Cape Town and became a chartered accountant. He started his career as a corporate strategic consultant, consulting globally and at the highest level. Throughout his career, Karl built up an awe-inspiring personal and professional network.

Upon losing his grandmother and aunt, Karl took on the responsibility of raising his cousins. With the assistance of his mother, he was able to provide the stability of a home-life for his his family while he pursued his studies, career and business opportunities.

After four years of running his own successful strategic consulting business, Karl left the corporate world and entered a more reflective phase of his life. Impacted by the tragic loss of his career, he decided to focus on more community-based, purpose-focused endeavours. It was at this stage of his life that he joined the African Leadership Network. 

In 2010, at the age of 45, Karl passed on due to natural causes. In his will, he asked that a trust be established to support the learning and growth of talented youth across the areas of academia and the arts. The mandate of the Karl Flowers Trust is to pay forward the good fortune Karl had himself had enjoyed.  

Visit https://www.karlflowerstrust.org.za/ to find out how you can get contribute to the great work that the Karl Flowers trust is doing. 


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