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Malik Fal

Founder, Filao Capital Partners

Malik Fal
Malik Fal

Malik Fal is a founder of Filao Capital Partners, and Managing Director of Filao Capital Partners
• Before joining Filao Capital Partners, Malik was with the Californian investment fund Omydiar
Network where he held the position of Managing Director Africa.
• Malik began his career at PepsiCo International where he held various positions in Operations and
Franchise Bottler management both in the US and in Africa.
• After Pepsi and a Master’s Degree at Harvard Kennedy School, Malik joined The Monitor Group, a
Boston strategy consulting firm (that was recently acquired by Deloitte) where he worked as a senior
consultant before heading up the Africa division of OTF Group, a spin-off of Monitor, as Vice President Africa.
• In between the OTF Group and Filao Capital Partners, Malik served in various Pan African roles at
Microsoft (Head of Africa Operations), Endeavor (Managing Director; South Africa) and recently Omidyar Network (Managing Director, Africa), an Impact Investment firm.
• Malik was educated in Europe and the United States, and has a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University. He has co-designed an MBA class on ‘Doing Business in Africa’ and intermittently teaches it at the Gordon Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) in Johannesburg.

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