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Zohra Dawood

Executive Director, Open Society Foundation for South Africa

Zohra Dawood
Zohra Dawood

Zohra Dawood is executive director of the Open Society Foundation and director of the Open Society Initiative in Indonesia. In mid-1999 she joined the Open Society Institute, founded by financier and philanthropist, George Soros, as the deputy executive director of the Open Society Foundation for South Africa. She has worked for a decade as a chief researcher for a land rights organisation and has during this time, written widely on the issues of land reform and in particular on the restitution of land rights. This was at the height of apartheid, where land struggles and land access were central to debates on the construction of the post-apartheid state. On moving to government after 1994, she had been involved in drafting land legislation for the new government. Her work with the Department of Land Affairs and Agriculture involved policy formulation and implementation, including negotiations and settlement of land claims. She has been advisor to Cabinet members and the Presidency of Nelson Mandela. She has also worked for the Department of Defence in drafting their legislation and policies on land and environment. She has degrees in law, one in African government and administration and a master’s degree in economic history. Zohra is actively engaged internationally in key issues related to human rights and international justice, social, economic and legal reform and the promotion of independent media. She is a Fellow of the seventh class of the Africa Leadership Initiative-South Africa and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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