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In search of a new chair of the ALI-SA board

Adi Enthoven has served on the ALI board for 12 years; he spent the last five years serving as the chair. Most Fellows are aware that Adi and his family have been the backbone of this organisation and its largest funders for some time. He will soon come to the end of his tenure. Adi commits to remain active in support of ALI, and we will keep Spier as our seminar base for the foreseeable future.

In planning for this transition, the ALI board is seeking a new chair and we’re taking the opportunity to examine that role as we begin to institutionalise. We have decided to make this an open process and reach out to all Fellows, members of committees and moderators for nominations.

Our next chair should be a Fellow, have the gravitas to represent us to stakeholders and funders, be available for four board meetings a year (one of which will take a full day), meet with the CEO monthly, attend some of our dialogues and be available to meet new and graduating classes. Ideally, the person should have a reasonable understanding of our history and relationship with the AGLN/Aspen network, insight into the seminars and the readings and be clear as to our purpose.

The chair’s primary role is to ensure that the board is effective in its task of setting and implementing the organisation’s direction and strategy. The chair is the leading representative of ALI and presents our aims, policies and objectives to our partners, primarily the Aspen Institute, funders and the outside world.

Possible characteristics and skills of the new chair were explored by the board. Descriptors include good social standing, gravitas, role model, steeped in the Fellowship, familiar with the AGLN/Aspen network, fundraiser, knows the readings and arc, has the time, understands that ALI is still in an entrepreneurial phase and has to institutionalise.

Roles and responsibilities of the ALI Chair:

  1. Must be/become an active member of the board
  2. Supports fundraising
  3. Works with the board to fulfil the organisation’s mission
  4. Ensures the financial health of the organisation
  5. Is governed by ALI’s board of directors but serves as its leader to collectively set policy
  6. Sets board meeting agendas and chairs those meetings
  7. Appoints committee directors
  8. Mediates between board members and the CEO
  9. Represents the organisation to outside parties in a professional manner
  10. Assists the board in setting priorities and action plans
  11. Facilitates strategic planning with the board of directors
  12. Addresses and discusses confronting issues with board members and relevant stakeholders
  13. Evaluates the organisation’s results in achieving its goals and mission
  14. Monitors financial reports and works with board members to remain compliant
  15. Performs all other designated responsibilities as assigned and approved by the board

Ultimately, the chair is responsible for the health of the organisation. A subcommittee of the board has been established to receive nominations. Please send yours to Sulu at sulungeka@alisa.co.za with a motivational letter.

Thanks to our valued partners and to all the Fellows who continue to contribute in many ways.

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