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Interview with Roger Dickinson (A-Better-Africa.com).

A Better Africa is an online education platform initiated by social entrepreneur and ALI Fellow, Roger Dickinson (Class II: Kilimanjaro). The digital platform enables users and organisations to collaborate, share ideas, and make an impact in the education sector.

The smart digital platform houses a five-fold community.

The first community consists of educational institutions including ECD Centers, Schools, Universities and other tertiary institutions.

Secondly, the platform keeps a database of enrichment programs and interventions. These programs need to prove the impact of programs to the third community, which is the funding and donor community consisting of donor organisations and corporates fulfilling CSI mandates.

Beyond the programs are the potential service providers to schools within the local community. These services providers can use the platform to identify and approach potential schools in need of their services. This, in turn, creates indirect jobs to the community.

Lastly, the owners of the curriculum, National Ministries of Education also have access to valuable data through our platform.

To learn more about A Better Africa watch the video below:

In a nutshell, A Better Africa creates a digital space where the institutions, programs, service providers, donors and the National Ministries of Education can intertwine and collaborate in a cohesive relationship for the betterment of education.

Visit: a-better-africa.com

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