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JM Busha 54 Races: Make a pledge to Africa.

JM Busha 54 Races

JM Busha 54 Races is a non-profit initiative founded by Joseph Makamba Busha (Class IX: Tariro), who is also the founder of JM Busha Investment Group. The organisation’s vision is to realize a peaceful, prosperous and united people of Africa and the world.

The organisation’s mission is three fold:

  • To promote peace and unity through education, arts, culture, music and sports
  • To engage and enroll individuals and institutions to actively promote and pledge peace, unity, accountability and responsibility at all levels of society, organisations and governments
  • To raise funds for the African Union (AU) peacekeeping missions, mediation, reconciliation, conflict resolution and crisis management work in Africa, and elsewhere in the world

How you can get involved

For decades and decades, Africa has progressively been ascending from an abyss of poverty, oppression, and catastrophic wars that had paralyzed the very soul of the continent.

In our idealistic pursuit for peace; Africa has also had to face a resounding challenge of uniting all Africans to collectively stand and commit in engaging themselves in activities that encourage peace, unity, harmony and integrity.

One of the many ways we can start the process of bringing about peace in our societies is to make a peace pledge, and participate in one of our flagship programs.

The Peace Pledge

As part of the Peace Pledge process, each African country is encouraged to celebrate the founding of the African Union (then called the OAU) which was established on the 25th of May 1963. We can celebrate and commemorate this day through arts, cultural, musical and sports activities.

The peace pledge can be recited by the country’s lead Pledge Ambassador and delivered to to the country’s leadership during the celebrations on Africa Day, 25th of May, each year. The pledge will serve as a reminder and commitment to individual and collective responsibility for peace and unity.

Flagship Programs

Moreover, every year during Africa month, the JM BUSHA 54 RACES facilitates and hosts a series of programs across the continent.

  1. JM Busha 54 Peace Pledge Marathons
  2. JM Busha 54 Student Peace Ambassadorship

These programs are of high impact nationally across Africa. Both programs encourage individual accountability and responsibility. And they are initiated with a noble aim of uniting African people through sports.

To be part of these programs, and to engage more with this cause, visit www.jmbusha54.com for more information.

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