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Karl Flowers’ Legacy: How Fellows Can Help

The Karl Flowers Trust launched this June, 10 years to the month since our friend passed away. A member of the Kilimanjaro class, Karl was passionate about ALI and our work. He assisted as a moderator and was integral in helping to build our community.

Karl’s will stated that a significant portion of his estate should be placed in a trust to assist “young people between 16-25 years, who are unable to fund their exceptional talent in academia or the arts.” In honouring his wishes, the Trustees (who include Ralph Freese, the executive director of ALI) have sought to ensure that the Trust’s offering is as unique and generous as Karl was. A customised programme will therefore be designed for each scholar, and it will include the four things that made a profound difference in Karl’s life, namely:

  1. Education: The Trust will help scholars take their next step, whether that’s high school fees, a Master’s degree, a diploma or an online course.
  2. Travel: The Trust will make it possible for scholars to experience a place and a culture, anywhere in the world, that inspires and intrigues them the most.
  3. Community: Karl’s Trust will connect our scholars to his large and diverse community of friends around the world.
  4. Mentorship: The Trust will pair each scholar up with someone who’ll be able to see and develop their potential. 

ALI Fellows will be essential in executing this vision. Most importantly, the Trust needs help to spread the word and find the exceptional young people that Karl had in mind. ALI Fellows are also ideal mentors. Please reach out to admin@karlflowerstrust.org.za if you are able to assist.

The application process has been designed to be as simple as possible, and challenging at the same time. Prospective scholars are invited to convince the Trustees of their exceptional talent, using any medium that they see fit. Applications will be accepted year-round. 

For more information, please visit www.karlflowerstrust.org.za

You can also follow the Trust on social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karlflowerstrust 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karlflowerstrust/

Thanks to our valued partners and to all the Fellows who continue to contribute in many ways.

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