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Letter: ALI SA Leadership Dialogue and Workshop

Nuclear Build Workshop

As a non-party political organisation, ALI aims to be a safe space for a diverse spectrum of beliefs within an ethical and values-based framework. We recognise the value in having all fellows’ voices heard.

We accept that in the invite for the Nuclear Build workshop, the alternative perspective on nuclear energy was not canvassed. We accept that it is important to include all viewpoints on these issues within the values that we as ALI hold. We further accept that this dialogue/workshop should have been clearly distinguished from the ALI Dialogue Series by naming it as a workshop requested by Fellows and not an ALI position.

We decided to launch a workshop on the Nuclear Build as several ALI fellows expressed concerns around due process being followed in the potential future procurement of the Nuclear Build particularly given the potential to bankrupt South Africa. The initial lack of due process with regards to the Nuclear Build is well documented and has been validated by the Western Cape High Court ruling that the government’s decision to call for proposals for the procurement of 9.6 gigawatts of nuclear energy is unlawful and unconstitutional. ALI Fellows felt that this was emblematic of broader procurement issues in the energy sector and wished to take action.

Based on this context, and at the request of several ALI fellows, it was decided to host a workshop to allow fellows who had already expressed an interest and others who are interested, to align with actions being undertaken by civil society and business around the Nuclear Build. This workshop will go ahead on the 10th of October and is intended for those Fellows who feel strongly about the potential of corruption in the Nuclear Build and want to act to prevent it.

We will shortly be launching a dialogue series engaging with the good society. We would propose that the first dialogue in the Good Society series be centred around “A Just Energy Future for South Africa”. At this dialogue, we will ensure that there are diverse perspectives from all sectors around access to energy and South Africa’s future energy mix.

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