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Letter from the Chairman: Introduction of Interim Programme Team

Dear Fellows,
Thank you to those of you who attended the ALI dinners and gave your input with regard to the positioning and future of ALI. It is clear that whilst our purpose is to develop the next generation of values-based African leaders, Fellows are expecting ALI to facilitate greater coordinated action by Fellows on issues that are important in upholding a commitment to the Good Society and furthering equality. It was equally clear that the term Good Society is too broad and there is a desire to engage further on the meaning of the Good Society. There was positive feedback from all on the proposed Pan Africa Impact Forum.

We also received questions from Fellows on the management of ALI. As the Board, we feel it important we properly institutionalise ALI and ensure it is properly funded and governed. To this end, we have requested that Ann Lamont a Fellow of the 2nd ALI Class, who has extensive experience in building and funding social organisations and knows the Aspen and other Africa stakeholders, work with the Board and particularly Joshin Raghubar of the 3rdclass to play an interim role in leading and institutionalising ALI. Part of this role will be to recruit a new team and once ALI is better institutionalised to recruit a new Executive Director.

Whilst Ann recruits a new team she will be supported as follows:

  • Sedibeng Ngubane will continue working with the 10th class until the completion of the final seminar and the graduation of the class.
  • Angela Karnein will work as an interim project manager for the next three months with a particular focus on the 11th class and Africa Impact Forum.
  • Chenai Chipfupa will continue to work as the ALI programme administrator and will be the main point of contact for the fellows.

Barbara Dale Jones and Doris Tshepe, a Fellow from the 9th class, will support ALI in its governance, financial and operational matters.

Warm Regards,



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