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Letter to ALI Fellows: Great leadership is most needed in times of challenge

Greetings to all ALI fellows across the continent and globe. After 2 very challenging years for public life, the sense I get is that we are returning to normality. Just at my children’s’ schools I see more public gathering and  greater social interaction as we have started the academic year. Ironically this felt awkward at first, then we appreciated the fact that this was what life was like prior to March 2020. So wherever you are in the world, or whatever your circumstance, I do hope that the impact of COVID19 on your life will progressively recede in 2022.

It is in times of great challenges in the world that the need for values based leadership is most pronounced. It is during times like these that the skills and values that ALI seeks to imbue are most needed. I am proud that we have seen many ALI fellows raise their hands and make significant contributions to the various national efforts that have ensured that the effects of COVID19 were not as sever severe as originally predicted predicted. 

ALI was formed in 2003 with the ambition of taking successful people and challenging them to make a significant impact on the world, by thinking more broadly about social justice. When Isaac, Ken and Ali started this fellowship across the continent they knew then, as we know now, that the path to Africa’s greatness starts with great leadership. They were guided by the words of the great Archbishop Desmond Tutu who reminded us that “ Leadership and morality are indivisible. Good leaders are the custodians of morality”. Today we have over 500 fellows across the continent living out those values and taking on the challenges that come with leadership .On the 9th of February this year we will launch the 13th ALI Class in South Africa. Over the last few years, under the leadership of Ralph Freese, we have continued to gather and run classes every year. The fellowship in becoming increasingly resilient as the need for leadership continues to grow. This continued broadening of the fellowship base does require engagement and funding from fellows, so I would urge you to please support the ALI cause and pay it forward, so that we can continue to run these classes.

In addition to Class 13 being launched we will continue to run the Good Society Dialogues. These have proven to be a fruitful opportunity for increased fellow engagement. We also plan to have our third Africa Impact Forum this year- after successful ones at Spier and in Accra, we hope to do this one in Kigali, Rwanda.  I look forward to seeing some of you at these events. And if you really can’t make these then we can always meet at the Aspen Impact Forum in Colorado. 

All the best to you and your families in 2022.


Thanks to our valued partners and to all the Fellows who continue to contribute in many ways.

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