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A New Year’s message to you, from Peter A. Reiling @ The Aspen Institute.

Peter Reiling

First and foremost, I wish you happiness, peace and prosperity. 

Secondly, as you take a step back to review your past 12 months, and make plans for the next 12 months, I hope you will consider adding the Aspen Action Forum to your calendar, taking place from 27-31 July 2017.

The world is perhaps on the verge of greater turmoil, more so than at any time in the past 50 years. If the Aspen Global Leadership Network cannot come together now — across borders and political divides — for heartfelt, honest dialogue and a re-commitment to the humanistic values on which it stands upon, then I truly wonder if effecting real and measurable change in the world is worth our continued effort.

I know Aspen is a long way from home, but I do hope you will make time to come and spend the week with us. Please note that spouses and childrenbetween 12 and 18 years are welcome.

Warm regards,
Peter A. Reiling
The Aspen Institute

Let integrity lead.

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