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Reopening nomination process for the 11th Class


Dear ALI Fellows,

As previously communicated we were required to delay the recruitment of the 11th class. We have now decided to go ahead with the recruitment of the 11th class to be launched in March 2018. Many of you previously nominated candidates and we will look at all previous nominees. We are also reopening the nomination process for the 11th Class of the Africa Leadership Initiative. The nomination process will be reopened for only three weeks from the 4th to the 25th of July 2017.

Any additional nominations will be greatly appreciated. Please download the nomination form, and use it to nominate your preferred candidates. As you already know, the quality of the ALI fellowship is dependent on the calibre of Fellows we bring on board, it is therefore important that you nominate candidates of the highest quality.

All nominees must be between the ages of 35 and 50. They need to be residents of an African country, and must possess a proven track-record of leadership and entrepreneurial success in their respective fields. Our ideal candidates are those who are at a reflective point in their lives; for example, they may be looking for a new challenge or have the potential to take one on.

The ALI class of 2018 will comprise of 22 Fellows, and will represent a mix of business, government, and civil society individuals. The class will comprise of 60% business, 20% government (local, regional, or national and could be from a variety of positions, elected or career, etc.) as well as 20% NGO/Civil Society (this may also include leaders of non-profit organisations, members of the clergy, artists or representatives of the arts). As part of our pursuit for recruiting new Fellows, we look at gender, geographical location, ethnicity, and religious diversity as much as possible.

When completing the nomination form, please include a brief statement of your reasons for nominating your preferred candidate; as well as their curriculum vitae. Please make sure you include the candidate’s contact information, date of birth, education, career path, etc. All of the information requested on the form is crucial, please do not leave any spaces empty!

Remember that your reasons for nominating your nominee carries a lot of weight in the decision-making process. We therefore urge you to apply yourself when writing your motivation. We also request that you inform your nominated candidate to confirm that they are willing to be considered for the programme and are able and committed to dedicating the time required to participate.

Fellows must attend four seminars; each seminar is 4-6 days each.  Three of the seminars will take place in Cape Town, and one global seminar in Aspen Colorado – USA, Guatemala – South America, Moganshan – China, or Charleston – USA. Over and above this, the Fellow is required to take on a leadership/community project of their own choosing.

When you communicate with your nominees, please ensure that they are fully aware that the nomination is not a guarantee of acceptance.

If you have any questions, please email to Ms. Chenai Chipfupa at chenai@alisa.co.za

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