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TEACH Continues to Affect Positive Change

Teach South Africa
ALI Fellows, Dr Mothomang Diaho and Dr Futhi Mtoba’s TEACH Initiative Continues to Affect Positive Change

Armed with a passion for quality education in its entirety, TEACH South Africa’s objective to nurture a generation that embraces science and mathematics, as opposed to retiring to the status quo that, “Mathematics is not my strong suit,” (Lerato Mathenjwa), is well underway.

When the government decided to implement the Reintroduction of Mathematics Projects (RoMP), TEACH South Africa (TEACH) heeded the call, and an MOU was signed at the end of 2016. Benjamin Franklin said, “an investment in education pays the best interest”, and our very own Nelson Mandela wisely shared that, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The team at TEACH is filled with passionate people with a mission to bring quality education to underprivileged communities. In partnership with the Department of Basic Education (DBE), TEACH undertook RoMP.

Passion, inherent strength and adaptability echoes in the recruits, “You have to see it to feel the love that they have for what they’re doing,” alumna Khethiwe shares excitedly. “We believe that we don’t only need someone who achieves 90% in math and science; we also need a person who understands the idea of service,” Moses Madziba highlights. A Soweto native placed in Kgorong with nothing but a generator as his source of electrical supply embodies TEACH’s qualities. His passion for seeing this area advance through education keeps him dedicated. “Instead of [our cohorts] seeing the challenges as a hardship, they see it as an adventure.” Principles and dedication allow these cohorts to enjoy seeing horses parked the way cars park in the cities.

The intention going into the year 2017 has been, “to go to all provinces and place ambassadors [to fulfil the RoMP misson].” Placing 52 recruits at once in the Eastern Cape is a milestone TEACH beams about; “For us, that was a breakthrough,” says Richard Masemola who further explains that Eastern Cape Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal have been targets of theirs from the onset.

“Since the inception of TEACH, ALI has provided us with the platform to come in and talk about our projects, and in one way or the other, some of the Fellows have remained constant friends of ours, ” Dr Mothomang says about the network and access being part of ALI provides. In 2018, TEACH plans to grow and access funding to redress some of their current challenges. With a fail-proof strategy at hand, they have complete confidence in the coming year.

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